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About Us

Experience.  Quality.  Service.  Value.



DC Industrial, LLC and DC Power Industrial Projects, LLC perform all types of industrial, commercial and government projects involving design build and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). 


DC Power specializes in power systems – from generation facilities to site specific systems – providing a range of services including construction, outages, emergency maintenance, upgrades, replacement and much more.  DC Power strives to supply quality certified welding and mechanical maintenance capabilities in the Pipefitter, Boilermaker, Ironworker, and Millwright disciplines to every customer we service.


Over the past five years, national, regional, and local clients have relied on the DC Companies to perform work on over 1,000 projects, 100 sites, and 25 power plants.


Core Values & Distinguishing Features

The DC companies pride themselves on becoming an organizational extension of our clients’ teams.  We help our clients become more business efficient and cost effective.


We distinguish ourselves with real actions and a culture to put our customers’ interests first.  Our team acts as an integrated and organizational extension of the corporations we service.  One of our strengths is the personal involvement from the ownership group, key managers and field personnel.  We focus on customer satisfaction, cost savings, business savvy, and efficient project management.  We pride ourselves at not only bringing a project view, but at considering our clients’ other facility, business, and industry interests.

Our core values include:


  • Safety #1.

  • Always put the customer first.  Customer Satisfaction is paramount and requires personal involvement from the ownership group and key managers.  DCPI will act as an organizational extension of the corporation’s that they service.

  • Always do it right, always make it right.

  • People are key in building a national business known for their expertise and efficient project management.

  • Building an alliance network, which broadens the company’s capabilities, is key in fulfilling our customer's needs.


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