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Power Generation


The DC companies’ foundations are rooted in servicing a wide variety of electric generation facilities.  Some of the major energy providers that we have serviced include: 


  • Xcel Energy

  • Calpine Corporation

  • Tri State Generation & Transmission

  • BlackHills Energy Corp

  • Pacific Corp

  • Colorado Springs Utilities

  • Deseret Power

DC Power services all types of coal, combined cycle and gas facilities.  We excel in all types of facilities including remote facilities where mobility and responsiveness are important.  Services we provide include: 


Outage Services

DC Power, with its strategic partners, provides full service turnkey outage services.  We are able to handle all aspects of an outage including turbine servicing, parts, procurement, high voltage, logistics, manufacturing, balance of plant, boiler/piping/vessel repairs, mechanical, and much more.  DC Power delivers significant advantages by providing a combined service, as opposed to the traditional model of hiring a multitude of independent contractors.  Advantages include: (1) project integration and seamless service; (2) fewer subcontractors = easier management; (3) speed/flexibility; (4) price savings; (5) commercial ease; and (6) trusted on-site team advancing client interests.


Mechanical Maintenance

DC Power understands the importance of well executed turnarounds and facility maintenance to the successful operation of any and all industrial facilities.   We strive to find innovative, creative and responsive solutions to the diverse challenges facing our clients. Our goal is to provide single source solutions that exceed our clients' expectations without incident or rework.


Our turnaround and maintenance services include:

  • Heat Exchanger Services

  • Fin Fan Re-tube, Repair, Replace

  • Mechanical Piping and Valve Work

  • Fabrication – Steel Plate, Vessel & Piping

  • ASME Code Work and Welding

  • Project Management & Planning

  • Vessel Sections

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • QA/QC & Safety Services

  • Routine, Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

  • Maintenance & Reliability Services

  • Boiler Repair & Maintenance

  • Tank Repair & Maintenance

  • Emergency Response

Boiler Repairs

In the production of heat and energy, boiler performance is critical.  DC Power realizes that time is money in this field of work.  With our mobile maintenance and 24 hour emergency response teams, DC Power can provide quick precision welding services for all major and minor boiler disruptions and failures.  DC Power's attention to quality is the driving force behind our success rate in boiler repairs.


Welding and Repair Services

DC Power provides all types of specialized welding services, following the standards of NBIC, including:

  • Hotwells

  • Steam Drum

  • Condensers

  • Attempatrator Drums

  • Few Water Heat exchangers

  • D.A. Storage Tanks


Power Piping and Process Piping

DC Power is experienced in all aspects of the layout, fabrication, installation and alteration of process and power piping.

DC Power has expertise in new construction, as well as retrofit and upgrading of existing power and process piping systems. We have installed piping for power generators, chemical processing plants, paper mills, minerals and metals processing plants, and food and beverage plants nationwide.


DC Power can fabricate and install any diameter systems, in carbon steel, low alloy steel (including P-91), nickel alloys, and stainless steel materials.


Fabrication and installation of new and replacement High Energy Piping Systems for the Power Industry are a specialty of DC Power.


Power Piping
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